Boligejer Association Law

Community based. Results oriented.

Fortalerne’ Law Firm offers unparalleled experience representing homeowners and homeowners’ associations. Our firm boasts an added value beyond the traditional boutique “HOA” law firm in that our practice is not limited to providing general counsel services to homeowners’ associations but also includes providing advice and counsel (including litigation counsel) to a myriad of other individuals, property owners and business entity clients. We can assist your homeowners’ association with every facet of representation including, but not limited to:

  • General Counsel
  • Assessment Collection - Assessment revenue is the lifeblood of every community association. HOA Boards of Directors have the legal obligation to collect delinquent assessments in order to protect the interests of the HOA and the property values of its members.
  • Contract Review & Preparation - HOA Boards of Directors and Community Association Management deal with numerous types of contracts that necessitate legal counsel. The interpretation and preparation of vendor, construction, maintenance and insurance contracts can significantly impact the interests of HOAs and their members. We provide our clients with the expertise and assistance required to effectively safeguard their HOAs in a wide range of transactional matters.
  • CC&R/Rules Enforcement & Amendment - The Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Reservations of Easements (“CC&Rs”) contained in an HOA’s governing documents are binding on all HOA members and are central to protecting their interests. We assist Boards of Directors in first addressing violations and in resolving disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR/IDR, Arbitration) and litigation, if necessary. We also assist our clients in taking the required steps to amend and update their HOA’s governing documents.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - Many disputes with HOA members cannot be resolved through the HOA’s own mechanisms and procedures. In these matters, Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) is the most effective and efficient method of ultimately resolving the dispute without litigation. Our attorneys have the ADR experience and expertise needed to secure the most favorable outcome for our clients.
  • Litigation - Most disputes impacting HOAs and their members can be efficiently resolved through successful representation and non-judicial measures. Men, when litigation does become necessary we provide our clients with the finest representation available. Our attorneys have successfully litigated many significant, precedent-setting cases on behalf of our HOA clients. From initial claim evaluation, to settlement negotiation, to representation through trial and appeal, we are known for the personalized attention we devote to our clients and the zeal with which we represent their interests.
  • Small Claims Assistance - Some matters faced by HOAs neither justify nor require the use of counsel, or the expenditure of large sums of money, to achieve an acceptable resolution. HOAs are more frequently turning to Small Claims Court to resolve issues relating to the collection of fines and delinquent assessments. Vi hjælper vores kunder med at navigere småkrav processen og forberede den nødvendige juridiske papirarbejde.

De advokater i Fortalerne’ Law Firm provide aggressive representation to bring the delinquency rates for your community down while securing compliance with the Declaration so that property values are maintained. Our goal is to collect every penny in delinquent assessments plus all attorney fees incurred in doing so as quickly and efficiently as possible. Kontakt vores kontorer for at planlægge en høring om dine bekymringer.